Why Diversity Atlas

Diversity is the new normal. Classrooms are made up of individuals who speak more languages, hail from more countries and hold a wider range of worldviews than ever before; and that is only going to increase.

Enhance inclusion

Intercultural Understanding is a General Capability in the Australian Curriculum but how many teachers are equipped to explore intercultural understanding in their own classrooms? Diversity Atlas provides an unparalleled base for conversations that begin with the people in the room and the cultural gifts each brings, drawing from the three main pillars of cultural diversity: languages; religions/worldviews and country of birth (including ancestral countries of birth).

1. Australian national curriculum

  • Develop intercultural understanding
  • Reflect on intercultural experiences
  • Empathise with others
  • Develop respect for cultural diversity
  • Investigate culture and cultural identity

2. simple

Enables you to create a snapshot of your students and their cultural heritage, which offers a way to reach out and engage the wider community around your school.

3. starter

Cultural Infusion educators have been using an offline paper-based version of Diversity Atlas and it is a fantastic way to start a conversation about cultural diversity. Teachers requested a digital version to simplify the process, and here it is!

4. bullying and racism

We believe the first step in facilitating positive change is getting to know one another and Diversity Atlas facilitates this in a fun and engaging way.

5. plans

Your school’s annual subscription comes with free lesson plans, providing step by step instructions that have been tested and refined in classrooms.